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Our company provides a wide range of professional services for all-terrain vehicle «SEVER». Our services include a complete maintenance program to enable maximum operational availability for the all-terrain vehicle. This covers all aspects of basic repair, ongoing service maintenance and pare parts.

All elements of all-terrain vehicle «SEVER» are backed by comprehensive documentation.

In order to maximize the advantages and high productivity of the all-terrain vehicle «SEVER», we offer our clients a special skills training service for the machine.

This knowledge is necessary for the most effective and maximum safe operation of the all-terrain vehicle «SEVER» in all weather conditions and limited visibility. It is also necessary to know the intricacies of the mechanics and electronics of the machine, in order to be able to eliminate the current problems during Your trip.

Japanese engine Kubota V-1505 turbo

  • The shaft is located between the GEAR and Ring&Pinion set.
  • Mechanical arms with Ring&Pinion set.
  • The chains have the same length.
  • Bearings of hub have conical shape and put in oil bay.

Progressive engine cooling system.

  • The cooling is organized in such a way that the engine room has the constant operating temperature and has no additional electric fans.
  • This system was approved by Kubota authorities.

Kubota V-1505 turbo 44 hp

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